Recent acquisitions include: 5 Times Square in New York City, a 37 story, 1.1 million square foot Class A office building; The Forum at Olympia Parkway in Texas, a 1 million square foot retail power center; and over 5,000 apartment units across the country.  




Land development is a major focus of AVR's business. The company's success in this area is due to an experienced in-house development team consisting of specialists in land planning, site engineering, construction, leasing and finance. Their task is to assess the property's current value, determine the site's optimal use, and then take the project through the complexities of the governmental approval process. AVR has the unique ability to take a piece of raw acreage, develop an innovative land use plan and then create a project responsive to the economic conditions and the needs of the surrounding community. This allows AVR to realize the property's maximum real estate value. From project conception to cost-effective completion, AVR's expertise provides a competitive edge in real estate development.




AVR's business philosophy is reflected in its capital structure: low leverage and strong cash position. These qualities have enabled it to form on-going trusted relationships with a variety of credit sources that are responsive to AVR's capital needs. AVR is in the enviable position of being able to internally finance the early stages of land development and residential subdivision projects. This gives AVR flexibility in obtaining the most competitive terms for both acquisition and construction financing.




Through its staff of leasing, management, maintenance, and engineering professionals, AVR takes a hands-on approach to the management of its properties. This allows the company to anticipate and service tenant needs and maximize property utilization. AVR prides itself on maintaining and developing long term tenant relationships.




The intrinsic value of existing structures is often overlooked. AVR has been able to identify and capitalize on under-utilized buildings through recycling and subsequent reintroduction into the marketplace. By reclaiming their lost potential and often redefining their use, AVR has consistently transformed under achieving buildings into high performance properties. AVR's list of conversion and recycled projects include converting a 330,000 square foot aircraft factory in Garden City, NY into a multi-tenant office complex, a 100,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center in Cranford, NJ into a headquarters building for IBM, and a 60,000 square foot vacant office building in Port Chester, NY into a vertical retail complex.