Allan V. Rose

Owner and Chief Executive Officer


Allan V. Rose is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of AVR Realty, a privately held real estate development and management company. He founded AVR over 45 years ago and through a strategy of development and acquisition has created a highly diversified portfolio of commercial, hotel, and residential properties, located throughout the continental United States.

As the Chief Executive he establishes the strategic objectives for AVR and oversees the team responsible for executing those strategies. Understanding the cyclical nature of real estate and financial markets, he set up a unique business plan for AVR comprised of a broad portfolio of holdings that encompasses virtually all sectors of the real estate industry. This plan has enabled the company to identify changes in market trends and position itself to move on potential opportunities. Today, the company's holdings include office complexes, shopping centers, industrial properties, residential communities, apartment complexes, and hotels. Through his vision and expertise, AVR has become a recognized and respected leader in the real estate industry.


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September 16



Jeffrey H. Gansberg
Chief Operating Officer


Jeff Gansberg, as Chief Operating Officer of the Commercial Real Estate Division, provides strategic direction over the day to day operations of the development, commercial leasing, property management and acquisition divisions of the company. His extensive real estate knowledge enables the company to explore new commercial opportunities, while maintaining the quality and value of its existing portfolio. Throughout his 25 year career with AVR, he has overseen a property portfolio of over 9 million square feet.



Thomas F. Perna, P.E.

Director of Land Development


Tom Perna, as Director of Land Development, facilitates the planning and development of raw land for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. Tom is unparalleled in his ability to effectively navigate the increasingly complex field of environmental rules and regulations, approval and zoning processes necessary to successfully guide a project from initial site selection through the construction stage. An Engineer by trade, Tom began his career with AVR over 30 years ago and is presently overseeing projects in New York's Hudson Valley and Long Island regions.



Lily Ann Marden

Director of Finance


Lily Ann Marden, as Director of Finance, secures the financing for AVR's real estate portfolio. She has raised and closed over $3 billion of debt through a variety of sources including commercial banks, commercial mortgage-backed security lenders, insurance and other financial institutions. Throughout her 20 year career at AVR, she has overseen the structuring, marketing, negotiating and closing of all loan transactions. In addition, she is involved in the asset management of hotel investments as well as commercial acquisitions, sales and leasing. She also oversees tax certiorari proceedings, insurance risk management and employee benefits.



Don Hegermiller

Director of Multi-Family Properties


Don oversees AVR’s multi-family residential portfolio. As such he is involved with all facets of asset operations including the selection of third party managers, unit pricing, marketing, budgeting, CapEx, property taxes, and property performance. He maintains relationships with both individual property managers as well as the senior management of our third party management groups. Don is also involved with underwriting new acquisitions and coordinating the sale of existing assets. Don started with AVR in 2012. 



Brian Ferruggiari

Director of Public Affairs


Brian Ferruggiari, as Director of Public Affairs, coordinates the local community outreach and government relations activities. Brian joined the AVR team after serving 30 years in government, 16 as an elected official. His knowledge of government and local civic associations has proven to be a valuable tool during the planning and approval phases of development projects. Brian was instrumental in the approval process for an 850,000 sf. retail center and is presently working on the planning and development of over 900 acres of Commercial properties.